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        Yamaha Tyros 4 Pre-Owned Bundle

        £1399.00 RRP £4275.00

        1 In Stock

        Finance available Pay MonthlyDeposit From £139.90
        • 12 Months 9.9% APR - £110.38 P/M
        • 24 Months 9.9% APR - £57.79 P/M
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        Yamaha Tyros4 with MS04 speakers all pre-owned

        There is something for everyone on the new Tyros4 with many more Super-Articulation 2 voices. Super Articulation voices that can be used in the rhythm section. A new sound system the Yamaha MS04 satellite speaker with sub bass woofer system. A new board (free whilst the Yamaha campaign lasts) that allows samples to be played instantly rather than having to be loaded into DIMM memory. Although the appearance of Tyros4 is based on the previous successful Tyros range, the focus is on a cool blue color scheme with improved ease of use.

        A&C Hamilton`s Tyros4 is special.

        An excerpt from the Yamaha brochure describes our first impressions perfectly and the sound? Better than ever. More natural,more authentic, and exceptionally expressive. It`s a difference you can instantly hear - one that inspires you to new creative heights and lets you play your dream.

        Expressive Realistic Sound

        The super articulation voices used in the Yamaha Tyros4 take you to a level of expressiveness that youve never heard of in a keyboard. The fantastic new choir voices sound remarkably human and change in tonality to suit the way that you play. Woodwind and Brass instruments feature natural legato and staccato expression and lets you use performance effects such as pitch bend vibrato and modulation.

        Huge array of Voices

        Yamaha Tyros4 has 993 voices including sweet cool and live voices, each with its own dedicated method of sampling and production bringing to your finger tips voices of instruments from all over the world. Mega voices are designed for programmers to use in the style section for extra realism within the rhythms.

        Yamaha Tyros 4 10th Anniversary Special Edition Black

        It`s 10 years since Yamaha first introduced the amazing series of Tyros keyboards to the world. There has never been a more successful range of high-end keyboards - ever. To celebrate this 10 year milestone Yamaha have introduced a Special Edition 10th Anniversary Tyros4 in Black. The keyboard looks stunning in black livery with the 10th anniversary special edition logo emblazened across the rhs panel

        The 10th anniversary special edition Tyros4 has an FL1024 built in which means you can have new sounds easily. The FL1024 is a special type of memory that allows new samples to be stored on the Tyros4, these samples can then be used as any other voices. There is no painful load times as with previous sample memory. The Vintage keyboard library of sounds are being included with the annivesary model.

        Digital Drawbars

        The ever popular organ sound is well represented with the Tyros4. Digital drawbars allow you to create your own organ sounds, sliders below the main screen allow you to instantly change the make up of the sound. The change in tone when you use the sliders is instant and without sound glitches. Tremolo and chorus can be switched on and off with ease as can the fast/ slow leslie effect.


        The new Yamaha Tyros4 has over 500 built-in dynamic styles. A significant development for the Tyros4 is the use of super articulation voices within the style section. this gives the huge team of dedicated rhythmn programmers much greater choice and flexibility in making the orchestrations interesting and toe tapping.

        Guitar parts and human voice parts benefit significantly from these changes. Undoubtedly Yamaha lead the field with quality styles in keyboards, from traditional bossanovas to bang up to date hip hop and rap, the Tyros4 carries on and improves upon current options.

        Yamaha Tyros4 develops a human side

        The human singing voice is used in music everywhere; on records, in church, football matches, even at work. the problem is that this makes it very difficult to imitate convincingly. Yamaha have introduced some new techniques in sampling and processing to create awesome new vocal sounds and significant improvements to the Vocal Harmony (VH2) facility.

        Ambient sampling is a new method for sampling classical vocal sounds. Normally you would place the microphone as close as possible to the source of the noise, with ambiemt sampling the microphones are positioned very carefully within the room to capture not only the voices but also the rooms ambience.

        Wave cycling is the voicing technology used by Yamaha to create fantastic pop vocals altering shoo-bee-doo-wop as a multi sampled layered sound that you have control over. When used in the rhythmn section and by the player a whole new sound is created full of human influence. The overall effect is awesome!

        VH2 - Vocal harmony 2

        There are 44 vocal harmony presets included on Tyros4, great starting points to see how you get along, everything is editable so if its not quite right for you you can change it. Tyros4 now includes a new synth vocorder. This real time vocal processor uses 1 of 10 carrier voices together with the microphone signal to create a talking synthesiser effect.

        Standard Tyros4 features

        It`s still worth mentioning that Tyros4 still has all the standard features you would expect from a top of the range keyboard. You can make and edit your own styles, take styles from the Tyros 4 and change them or take styles from the A&C Hamilton Turbo Stick and edit them to suit yourself.

        There is a 16 track sequencer for you to do your own instant recordings, dead easy to use but offers the flexibility for you to punch in punch out and change absolutely anything you want. 16 tracks of utter freedom.

        Real Audio recording

        Not to be confused with the 16 track record feature, the real audio recorder allows you to make recordings of anything thing from the Tyros4 and save it in a useable format for ipods hi-fis car stereos. For example: you can plug the mic in play your favourite song, sing along and record it all and save it to a usb stick and then play it on your computer or hi-fi. Its extremely versatile and professional, allowing you all the best effects of a proper recording studio.

        Yamaha Tyros 4 Specifications

        Specifications Tyros4
        Color/Finish Silver
        Width 1,140mm
        Height 143mm
        Depth 450mm
        Weight 14.5 kg
        Control Interface
        Number of Keys 61
        Keyboard Type FSX
        After Touch yes
        Touch Response yes
        Pitch Bend yes
        Modulation yes
        Multi Pads yes x4
        Sliders 9 (incl. one assignable)
        Art. Switches 2
        Display Type Full Dot TFT LCD
        Display Size 640 x 480 dots TFT 7.5inch
        Display Color Color
        Score Display yes
        Lyrics Display yes
        Text Viewer Function yes
        OTS Viewer Yes
        Voice Information Yes
        Wallpaper Customization Main/Lyrics
        Display Language English, German, French, Spanish, Italian
        Panel Language English
        Tone Generating Technology AWM Stereo Sampling
        Number of Polyphony 128
        Preset - Number of Voices 993 + 30 Organ Flutes + 480 XG + 256 GM2 + 44 Drum/SFX kits (+ GS Voices for GS Song playback)
        Preset - Featured Voices
        Articulation 2 (AEM Technology)
        15 S.Articulation2 (additional 15 for styles)
        [STRINGS] JazzViolin/ CelticViolin
        [TRUMPET] JazzTumpet/ClassicTrumpet
        [SAX] PopSoprano/ BalladSoprano/JazzSax/BreathySax
        [FLUTE/CLARINET] Clarinet/ BalladClarinet/ Romanceclarinet/ Irishpipeair/ Irishpipedance
        [ACCORDION] Harmonica/ Bluesharp
        Super Articulation Technology
        MegaVoice 43
        Live! 101
        Cool! 71
        Sweet 30
        Organ Flutes 30 Presets
        Drums 44 (inc SFX kits)
        Optional Wave Capacity 6MB (Pre-installed) / MAX 1,024MB (Optional FL1024 Flash memory)
        Sampling Custom Voice
        Voice Edit Voice Editor (Normal voice and Drum kit)
        Sound Creator / Voice Set yes
        Compatibility - XG yes
        Compatibility - XF yes
        Compatibility - GS yes
        Compatibility - GM yes
        Compatibility - GM2 yes
        Reverb 44
        Chorus 106
        DSP DSP 1-7 = 285
        DSP8-9 = 285 for styles
        Master Compressor 5 Preset + 5 User
        Master EQ 5 Bands : 5 Preset + 2 User
        Part EQ 2 Bands: 29 Parts (R1, R2, R3, Left, MultiPad, Style x 8, Song x 16)
        Others Mic effects: Noise Gate x 1, Compressor x 1, 3Band EQ x 1
        Functions - Dual Voice layer (RIGHT 1-3)
        Functions - Split Seperate split points for Chord and Voice (LEFT)
        Panel Sustain yes
        Poly/Mono yes
        Vocal Harmony (VH2)
        Vocal Harmony - 44 + 10 synth vocoder
        60 user slots
        23 Vocal effects
        Accompaniment Styles
        Number of Preset Styles 500 SFF GE format
        Ram Capacity Per Style
        approx. 120Kb
        Fingering Single Finger, Fingered, Fingered On Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, AI Full Keyboard
        Style Control INTRO x 3, MAIN VARIATION x 4, FILL x 4, BREAK, ENDING x 3
        User Styles yes
        Style Creator yes
        Music Finder yes
        One Touch Setting (OTS) 4 for each style
        Number of Preset Songs 5
        Recording - Number of Songs Unlimited (depending on the storage medias capacity)
        Recording - Number of Channels 16
        Recording - Song Data Capacity approx. 300KB
        Recording Function Quick Recording, Multi Recording, Step Recording, Song Editing
        Compatible Data Format - Playback SMF (Format 0 & 1), ESEQ, XF, Style File, XG, GM2/GS
        Compatible Data Format - Recording SMF (Format 0)
        Hard Disk Recording yes (Play: 2 stereo tracks, Rec: 1 stereo track) (.wav format)
        Audio Playback .MP3 and .WAV
        Registration Memory - Number of Buttons 8 x unlimited banks (depending on the storage medias capacity)
        Registration Memory - Control Bank +/-, Regist Sequence, Freeze
        Guide Follow Lights, Any Key, Karao-Key, Vocal CueTIME
        Performance Assistant Technology (PAT) yes
        Demonstration yes
        Metronome yes
        Tempo Range 5 - 500, Tap Tempo
        Transpose yes
        Tuning yes
        Octave Button yes
        Scale Type 9 presets
        Direct Access yes
        Storage and Connectivity
        Flash Memory (Internal) 6Mb
        HDD 250GB 2.5 inch IDE (Included, Internal)
        External Drives Optional USB Flash Memory, USB Hard Disk Drive, etc. (via USB to DEVICE)
        Optional Memory FL1024 Flash Module only
        Headphones x1
        Microphone Mic./Line in balanced TRS connection
        AUX OUT L/L+R, R(LEVEL FIXED) or LOOP SEND L/L+R, R (Selectable)
        AUX Pedal (optional) Switch or Volume x 3
        LINE OUT MAIN OUT (L/L+R, R), Sub Output 1, 2
        VIDEO OUT RGB Out, NTSC / PAL Composite
        Loop Return yes
        USB TO DEVICE x 2 (USB 2.0)
        USB TO HOST x 1 (USB 2.0)
        LAN Port yes
        External Speaker To Satellite Speaker (L/R), To Sub Woofer (L/R)
        Amplifiers and Speakers
        Amplifiers Optional Speaker (TRS-MS04)
        Speakers Optional Speaker (TRS-MS04)
        Power Supply
        Power Supply AC Inlet
        Bundled Software
        CD-ROM yes
        Music Rest yes
        Internet Direct Connection (IDC)
        Internet Direct Connection (IDC) yes
        Established in 1983 A&C Hamilton Musical Instruments maintains a healthy balance of traditional business values with a keen sense for new business ideas. Getting new customers and keeping existing customers are equally important to us. As the internet has changed all our lives we continue to grow from strength to strength applying the tried and trusted methods of traditional retail sales to this new world of internet sales and store sales. The world is a smaller place but we are all still individuals within it. It is so much more fun selling to some one you can have a chat with, either email phone or in the shop than just sending boxes via couriers. Our company has a solid financial basis to trade and all premises are owned in full by the directors.

        Our Music Shop is on the outskirts of Preston with forecourt parking for 8 cars. Our closest town is Blackpool and nearby is Lytham St Annes. Blackburn and Southport are close by. Lancaster, Morecambe, Wigan, Burnley, Ormskirk, Bolton, Leigh, Accrington are also near me. Manchester Liverpool and Cumbria are around an hour away.

        Our Address is : A&C Hamilton Musical Instruments 946-950 Blackpool Road Lea Preston Lancashire PR2 1XN

        A&C Hamilton is registered in England and Wales 4931075. Registered office: 946-950 Blackpool Road, Lea, Preston, PR2 1XN. A&C Hamilton acts as a credit broker and only offers credit products from Secure Trust Bank PLC trading as V12 Retail Finance. A&C Hamilton Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our registration number is 713396. Credit provided subject to age and status.

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