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Technics KN6500 Keyboard

Technics KN6500 Keyboard
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Technics KN6500 Keyboard :- discontinued .

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Technics KN6500 pre-owned or demo

Technics KN6500 Keyboard
-Alternative Model :
Yamaha Tyros 4 -
Technics KN6500 alternative model is Yamaha Tyros 4
RRP : 4275.00
Current Price :1999.00
The Yamaha Tyros4 Fantastic Part Exchange Allowances now with Free FL1024 expansion pack
- Current Model :
Korg PA3X Pro Keyboard-
Korg PA3x Pro Keyboard. A stunning new2 top of the range keyboard from Korg RRP : 3839.00
Current Price :2598.96
Technics KN6500 is discontinued the current equivalent is Korg PA3X Pro Keyboard

Technics KN6500 - Overview

Technics KN6500 Keyboard

 Innovative Sounds The PCM sound source on the KN6500 puts a repertoire of over 1,000 carefully sampled sounds right at your fingertips. Dynamic PCM sampling helps express the fine details and nuances of individual instrument sounds so well that it is impossible to do it justice here. Whether you choose the Soloist Sounds, incredible vocals, exquisitely delicate guitar sounds or sensational new Brass samples, youll find that the KN6500s speaker system gives your music an expansive, beautifully defined stereo sound. Technics KN6500
 Rhythm Section The KN6500s rhythm section provides a rich accompaniment with 880 pattern variations containing up to 8 parts each. These accompaniments are the result of extensive research & development by engineers and musicians to produce a rich musical backing arrangement from even the simplest of chord progressions. You can also create and store 20 of your own patterns in the custom rhythm group and use them just like preset rhythms, or load new patterns from optional music software on floppy disk.  User -Friendly Display Large Color LCD Taking full advantage of all the KN6500s many functions is simple with its easy-to-read wide- screen color LCD.  Choose the Right Musical Style with Ease A Technics "Style" is the combination of an accompaniment pattern and a suitable registration. The Music Stylist search function makes it quick and easy to find the style you want from the 1,080 preset styles that are available. You can search by category, alphabetical order or musical era. You can also create your own styles using the Custom Stylist: its as easy as combining a composer pattern with a panel memory.
 Customize Function This function lets you personalize the LCDs home screen in much the same way that youd customize the desktop of your computer-you can even add a picture. it also allows you to personalize and place your favorite sounds, rhythms, styles, and menu shortcuts into one of four "Favorites" pages for future recall.    Separate DSP Effects & Mixing You can apply enhanced DSP Effects separately to Right 1, Right 2, Left and APC parts, as well as add global effects like Chorus and Reverb. The KN6500 is equipped with both a global sound equalizer and separate equalization functions for each part, so you can create studio-like re-mixes with excellent sound quality.
   Cool Features  
 Vocal Harmonizer Adds vocal harmonies to your voice that are matched to the APC chord or the chord track of SMF songs.  Real-Time Sound Controller The sound controller lets you modify sound filters, panning and other effects in real-time while you perform.  Brass Simulator The voice-driven DSP resonator produces outstanding brass sounds. Just hook up an optional microphone and you can "sing" your own great-sounding trumpet solo!
  KN6500  Wide Range of Rhythms 8-Part Accompaniment Patterns Right at Your Fingertips 220 rhythms each with 4 variations provide a pallet of 880 fully orchestrated backings. Each one is rich and expressive, featuring up to 8 accompaniment parts.
 Unique Entertainer and Movie & Show Rhythms The new Entertainer rhythm group provides simple rhythms with great grooves, while Movie & Show rhythms take you on a musical journey from Hollywood to Broadway. These imaginative patterns round out the KN6500s superb pattern library in true Technics style.  1,080 Music Stylist SettingsWith 1,080 different variations, the Music Stylist matches professionally programmed registrations with rhythm patterns for whatever style of music you want to play.  User -Friendly Display Large Color LCD Taking full advantage of all the KN6500s many functions is simple with its easy-to-read wide- screen color LCD.

Technics KN6500 Keyboard Specifications

Keyboard   61 keys (with initial/after touch)
Sound Generator   Dynamic PCM
Polyphony   64 notes
Sounds Number of Sound Preset 1,065 sounds + 36 drum kits + 2 digital drawbars Memory: 40 sounds + 1 user drumkit
  Sound Group Piano, Guitar, Strings & Vocal Brass,
    Mallet & Orch Perc, World, Organ & Accordion
    Sax & Woodwind, Pad, Synth, Bass, Drum Kits, Digital Drawbar
    Accordion Register, Memory
  Sound Explorer yes
Effects   PART sound DSP effect x 5, digital effect sustain,
    part equalizer
    GLOBAL reverb chorus, multi/mic effect, mic reverb,
    total equalizer
Conductor & Part Select   right 1, right 2, left
Transpose   2 octave : C (- 1 octave) - C - C (+ 1 octave)
  Number of Rhythms Preset 220 patterns x 4 variations (8 parts with 2
    DSP effects), intro/ending minor sequence
  Custom Style 20 patterns w/registration
  Group 8 & 16 Beat, Rock & Pop Be lad, Soul & Funk, Modern Dance, Gospel & Blues, Country & Western, March & Waltz, Big Band & Swing, Jazz Combo Ballroom, Latin & World Entertainer, Move & Show
    Custom Memory
Favourites   yes
Controls   main volume, APC/sequencer volume balance mute, conductor, start/stop. intro & ending 1, intro & ending 2, fi I in 1. fi I in 2, count intro, synchro & break tempo/program, tap tempo fade in/out, split point R 1 /R2 octave
Program Menus    
  Sound part setting mixer master tuning, key scaling techni -chord, sound load option
  Reverb & Effect M IC reverb & effect sound load option, allocation, mixer, sound DSP, multi . chorus reverb, equaliser
  Control initial , overall touch sensitivity, foot controllers panel memory mode, music style arranger mode fade in/out setting
MIDI   part setting control messages, real time messages common setting, input/output setting, MIDI presets, mode setting, program change MIDI out panel memory output. computer connect on
Customise   home page setting, favourite setting, display time out wallpaper setting, custom panel mode
    MIDI setting load option language setting, disk preference data protect on
Sound Edit   easy edit, tone, pitch filter, amplitude LFO, effect, controller memory 40, 1 user drum kit
Sequencer   16 tracks
  Resolution 1/96 per beat
  Storage Capacity approx. 40,000 notes (10 songs max)
  Recording Modes easy record, real time record. step record
  Functions record & edit, copy & paste range edit, naming, panel write
Composer 8 parts bass, accomp. 1 - 5 drums 1, 2
  Storage Capacity approx. 13,000 notes
  Recording Modes: easy composer, real time record step record
  Functions pattern copy, custom style copy sequencer to Composer copy, load single composer DSP set, chord modify set
  Memory: 3 banks x 20 patterns(variation 1 4 intro 1 intro 2 fill in 1, f 11 n 2, ending 1, ending 2)
Performance Pads   6 pads x 26 banks
    (preset bank x 20 pads user bank x 3 storage capacity=approx. 1,800 notes compile bank x 2 control preset bank x 1)
  Functions stop, auto setting, realtime record step record clear & copy & settings
Auto Play Chord   mode one finger, fingered, pianist, memory, on bass left hold chord finder count intro
Music Stylist   1,080 music styles,
  Selection musical category, musical era, alphabetical list custom stylist
Music Style Arranger   yes
Sound Arranger   yes
One Touch Play   yes
Techni-Chord   yes (14 patterns)
Panel Memory   13 banks (1 0 banks , 3 work banks) x 8, set, next bank, bank view
Custom Panel   yes
Kareoke Lyrics on Display   yes
Solo   yes
Controller   pitch bend, modulation, sound controller
Disk Drive   3.5 inch floppy disk drive for 2HD (1 44 MB), 2DD (720 KB) load, save direct play song medley, disk too s preferences style convert , custom style load/save
Compatibility   NX GM2, GM, SMF w/Lyrics
Direct Play   SMF (0/1), DOCM"
Display   Wide Colour Graphic LCD (640 x 240 dots) page. contrast. exit display hold
Help   yes
Demo   12 songs w/slide show
Terminals   phones, line out (R/R+L, L), aux in (R/R+L, L) microphone input, foot switch 1, foot switch 2, foot controller express on pedal MIDI (IN, OUT, THRU)
    computer w/MIDI/PC1/PC2/MAC SW
Output   66W (1 8W x 2 for mid/high, 3OW x I for bass)
Speakers   12cm (4 23/32) x 2, 6.5cm (2 9/16") x 2 for mid/high 14cm (5 112") X 1 for bass
Dimensions (W x H x D)   106.3cm x 20.Ocm x 41.8cm
Net Weight   15,4kg (34.0 lbs )
Included Accessories   music rack AC cord, style convert disk initial data disk

You`re close enough for a demonstration of the Technics KN6500 Keyboard if you`re in Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham, Cumbria, Blackburn, Burnley, Bolton, Wigan, Leigh, Manchester or Southport. This model is discontinued so please confirm we have it in stock before you travel

Technics KN6500 Keyboard :- discontinued. We might have a used model it`s worth giving us a ring to check